Disclaimer: before you pick through today's list and wonder why you don't see a certain number or athlete represented, allow me to explain the thinking for today's poll.

Zdeno Chara retired today, ending his 24-year NHL career, of which 1023 games were spent wearing the No. 33 for the spoked B. With Chara signing a 1-day contract to retire as a Bruin, it ensures that his No. 33 will be lifted to the Garden's rafters at some point during the upcoming season. Once lifted to the rafters, it won't be the only 33 up there, thanks to the one in green lettering at the other end of the building which belonged to Larry Bird.

And this is where the thought bubble began, because you know who else wore No. 33 in Boston? Red Sox captain Jason Varitek for starters. As did Patriots Hall of Famer Kevin Faulk, and I'm sure a host of other athletes over the years. And that was the jumping off point for today's poll..."which number was shared by the best collection of stars?"


Each number on the list is shared by at least two iconic athletes from over the years, with the exception of No. 12. Per GOAT rules, it deserves a place on the list, and is likely as recognizable as any other number in Boston's history. (Apologies in advance to Grant Williams, who probably thinks his name should be beside Brady's on the list. Honorable mention - Brock Holt...)

What number stands out above the rest for you?

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