A season filled with much promise and excitement is now 48 minutes away from ending after another listless performance by the Celtics last night in South Beach. The game was not a contest after the first 5-6 minutes as the C's had the look of a team that quit.

Joe Mazzulla tried mightily to fall on the sword during his postgame comments, saying he didn't have the team prepared to play. While the coaching discrepancy has been apparent in this series, the Celtics' vaunted all-star laden roster has been widely outplayed by a Heat team that features more undrafted players than lottery picks in its rotation.

Jaylen Brown has been MIA basically all series, Jayson Tatum continues to be wildly inconsistent on the biggest stages, and it appears there's nothing Boston can do to fix its issues, as Mazzulla admitted to a disconnect between him and the players. That's what you want to hear at this time of the year...

There will be plenty of time to talk about the future of this organization when this series comes to an end, whether that's tomorrow night in South Beach, Thursday night in Boston, or whenever it may come. At this point, it's an inevitability. Teams trailing 0-3 are 0-149 all-time in NBA history. 91 series finished in four games, 44 finished in five, 11 finished in six and three finished in seven. At this point, we're just waiting for the end.

But until we get there, use today's poll as an airing of grievances and let us know where you place the blame for this pathetic three game display vs. Miami.


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