After the L.A. Lakers blew another lead to get swept away by the Denver Nuggets last night in La La Land, NBA teams are now 0-150 all-time when facing an 0-3 series deficit.

Suffice to say, Lucky may be with the Celtics, but history is not on the C's side when they take the court tonight in South Beach.

The fat lady is warming her vocal chords as we speak. Whether tonight, Thursday, or whenever it happens, we're on the cusp of the Celtics' offseason. So, let's look ahead.

We're already starting to hear the murmurs of whether Jaylen Brown is worth the $295mil supermax extension available to him this summer, based on his play vs. Miami. Marcus Smart has long been a name mentioned with possible Celtics deals, though the fans seem more eager to make that move than the team.

For the last few years, the Celtics have "run it back" with the same core roster, in hopes of continuing to build and eventually getting over the Finals hump. But it hasn't happened yet, and this Eastern Conference Finals will force Brad Stevens and the rest of the team upstairs to take a long look at the roster and potentially make some difficult decisions.

If Brad was asking for your advice this summer, what would you offer to him as counsel?


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