Here are the results from Speedway 95 on Wednesday, July 3rd.

Stars of Tomorrow took the track for their feature race with Austin Beale leading them out of the pit to start the event,. Austin led all 20 laps of the Stars of Tomorrow feature and did not look back. Austin Beale had a best lap time of 18.625 seconds per lap, with an average speed of 47 MPH. Carson Bellows was able to move up from his starting position of 5th to try to catch  Beale but wasn't able. Carson Bellows had a best lap of 18.910 seconds for the 1/3-mile oval, with an average lap speed of 46 mph. Carson Bellows finished 9.5 seconds behind Beale. Waylon Giguere rounded out the Top 3 for the Stars of Tomorrow having started in the 2nd position. Giguere had a best lap time of 19.272 seconds and an average speed of 45 mph.

In the Cap's Tavern Modified Enduros Spencer Sweatt started in 1st, and  Kaden Neptune started in the second position, putting  pressure on Sweatt the entire 25 laps. Neptune was in the mirror of Sweatt the entire race and the timing showed it. Sweatt had a best lap time of 18.141 seconds with an average speed of 65.586 mph and Neptune of 18.126 second with an average speed of 65.535 mph. Ben Ashline started in the 6th position and was able to finish 3rd after Ashline and Audet rubbed cars on lap 19, causing Audet to get a flat tire and had to take the car to the pit area. Ashline had a best time of 17.639 seconds and an average speed of 65.289 mph.

Full Size Trucks took the Track to start their feature led by Shawn Chase, Chase got on the track and the truck started to have mechanical issues and had to be taken to the pit on lap 5 of the 25-lap feature. On the first lap Adam Gardner took the lead and was able to keep the lead until lap 15 when Jesse Langley took the lead from Gardner. Langley had a best lap time of 19.032 seconds and an average speed of 60.784, with Gardner having a best lap time of 19.047 and average speed of 60.15. Gardner finished 6.323 seconds behind Langley. Jason Berry Finished in the 3rd position with a best lap of 19.778 seconds and an average speed of 58.378.

The Road Runner feature had a lot of action with one red flag during the 25 lap feature on lap 1 when Cory Swoboda caused a wreck and was black flagged to the pit. Nicholas Wark led the field to the green flag and on the first lap Doug Woodard took over the lead and was able to lead the race for the next 5 laps until Seth Woodard passed Doug and took the lead way and led the rest of the laps. Seth had a best lap of 18.7 with an average speed of 43.066. Doug Woodard finished 0.238 seconds behind his son. Doug had a best lap of 18.830 with an average speed of 43.051. Donny Silva was making his way to the front but ran out of laps. Silva started in the 7th position and worked his way to 3rd during the 25-lap feature. Silva had a best lap of 18.703 seconds with an average speed of 42.758 mph.

Speedway 95 will be back in action this Saturday, July 6, 2024, at 7 p.m. The pit area will open at 3:30 and grandstands will open at 5:30. After the race event Varney Insurance will present Fireworks that were rescheduled from last Saturday’s rain out.  For more l Information please visit

Stars of Tomorrow

1- Austin Beal (Hampden)

2- Carson Bellows ( Winslow)

3- Waylon Giguere (Etna)

4- Silias Hamm (Eddington)

5- Karigan Glasier (Appleton)

6- Keldin Kaler (Brewer)

Cap’s Tavern Modified Enduro’s

1- Spencer Sweatt (Albion)

2- Kaden Neptune (Mt. Vernon)

3- Ben Ashline (Winthrop)

4- Kyle Willette (Winslow)

5- Andrew Crosby (Carmel)

6- George Dunn II (Otis)

7- Nick Bickford (Etna)

8- Zach Audit (Norridgewock) DNF

9- James Goodman JR (Carmel) DNF


1- Jesse Langley (Greenbush)

2- Adam Gardner (Orono)

3- Jason Berry (Waltham)

4- Shawn Chase (Monroe)

Road Runners

1- Seth Woodard (Plymouth)

2- Doug Woodard (Plymouth)

3- Donny Silva (Hudson)

4- Nicholas Wark (Plymouth)

5- Craig Holm (Bangor)

6- Marcus Sapiel (Bradley)

7- Julie Ridley (Old Town)

8- Corey Swoboda (Eddington) Disqualified

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