The State Fire Marshal's office concluded its investigation today into a fire that heavily damaged 235 Water Street and 3 adjoining buildings. Initially, it was believed that several people were missing. Now, officials say, some of those residents were not home when the fire broke out on July 16th.

The fire started in the second floor apartment of Troy Bowden, age 46. He was taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. However, officials say, the extent of the damage has made it impossible for them to determine how the fire started. As a result, the cause is classified as 'undetermined.'

The report goes on to say that, although there was some concern early on that not everyone was accounted for, the examination of the building revealed that no one perished in the fire. Two people still have not been interviewed, but information learned by investigators suggests that they weren't in the building during the blaze.

The Fire Marshal says the case is now considered closed.