Not one, not two, not three, but 12 guests joined The Drive's broadcast Tuesday in Pittsfield.





Andi Vigue, CEO of Cianbro, joined the show to talk about his company's involvement in Pittsfield and the new partnership with Puritan Medical Supplies:

Mayor of Pittsfield Heather Donahue joined the show to talk about an interesting first year in charge:

Former MCI standout and current assistant football coach Alex Bertrand came on to talk about his life which has, for the most part, taken place a stone's throw from MCI:

Vaughan Woodruff began the Drive at 5 by talking about why he chose to make Pittsfield his place of business:

An MCI trio of Head of School Chris McDonald, Dean of Advancement Alicia Nichols and Music Director Dean Neal voice their passion for their school and town:

Lindsey Turner and Chad Dow, two relative newcomers to Pittsfield, talked about the welcoming nature of the town:

Heather Holland, owner of Outland Brewery, and Dean Homestead, the longtime owner of Bud's Shop and Save, capped a busy show:

And a special thanks to Mike Lynch for going all out for his hometown and helping to put the broadcast together!

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