The U.S. soccer team lost to Germany 1-0 but when Portugal defeated Ghana 2-1 it meant the Americans were moving on to the knockout round on a tie-breaker.

In the USA vs Germany game, Thomas Muller scored in the 55th minute for the only goal of the game.

In the Portugal vs Ghana game, Ronaldo scored the game winner in the 2-1 victory. But goal difference was the tie-breaker and USA moves on.


1.  Germany    2-1             7 Points

2.  USA           1-1-1          4 Points  * Goal Diff.  0

3. Portugal      1-1-1           4 Points  * Goal Diff.  -3

4. Ghana         0-1-2          1 Points

NOTE: USA likely to play Tuesday July 1st at 4PM vs Belgium.