Yesterday's Drive Poll asked, "what is your favorite all-time Red Sox TV broadcast booth?" To which 68% of you responded with Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy. No surprise there as the iconic duo spanned 15 years of NESN broadcasts during the team's peak of popularity in the 2000's and early-to-mid 2010's.

Another 11% said their favorite combo was Ned Martin and Jerry Remy, followed by 8% who said Ned Martin and Bob Montgomery, 7% who answered Sean McDonough and Remy, and finally 6% who said the three man crew of Dave O'Brien, Remy and Dennis Eckersley were their favorite.

Today, we're jumping over to the radio booth, the current iteration of which can be heard 162 times during the regular season on Maine's Sports Leader - 92.9 The Ticket.

Today's choices go back 71 years and begin with Curt Gowdy's tenure in the booth, which lasted from 1951-1965. Though, chances are Joe Castiglione's name will feature heavily among the top choices as he's the longest tenured broadcaster in team history, serving as radio announcer since the 1983 season.

No sport lends itself to radio like baseball. Whether it's on during a long drive or in the background while upta camp. We've all likely spent countless hours listening to Red Sox baseball over the years, so who are/were your favorites voices to hear?

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