We are a little more than one week away from one of the most perfect days ever constructed. Where one is encouraged to do nothing but gorge on as much food as humanly possible, then pass out on the couch watching football.

The NFL and Turkey Day are a timeless tradition, but is it the best day on the sports calendar?

Let's meet the candidates:

- The NBA on Christmas - kind of the same idea, right? Eat endlessly, open presents, be with family and have some basketball in the background.

- College football on New Years Day - let's be honest, it doesn't have the same cachet it once did since the inception of the College Football Playoff, unless they happen to play the semifinals on Jan. 1.

- First day of March Madness - in my book, this is the only thing that can compete with Thanksgiving. Wall-to-wall games of bracket busting greatness.

- First Monday of the Maine high school basketball tournament - this holds a special place in The Pine Tree State. It's the greatest sporting atmosphere Maine has to offer.

- MLB Opening Day - forget baseball, it's signals spring and the conclusion of winter in these parts!

So, what gets your vote?

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