We've had our share of professional athletes, coaches and award winning journalists on the show. We've even talked with a NASA astronaut. But never before have we spoken with Guinness World Record holders. That is, until Thursday, when we chatted with Andrew Buchanan, who served as one of the goalies and one-of-40 participants in the "World's Longest Hockey Game," which ran 252-consecutive hours from February 4th-through-February 15th.

The game, which was played in the backyard of Dr. Brent Saik's home in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, tallied a final score of 2649-2528 and raised nearly $2-million for cancer research.

It was the 7th-edition of the game, normally held every three years, which Dr. Saik organized after cancer claimed his father's life.

Buchanan was one of 30 "rookies" who participated in this year's event due to COVID-19 restrictions making it difficult for many former players to hit the ice. As if a global pandemic wasn't difficult enough to navigate while playing hockey 24/7 for 11-straight days, Alberta was hit with an arctic blast which saw temperatures plunge between minus 40-to-minus 67 degrees Fahrenheit during the course of the contest.

Temps were so extreme that hockey pucks shattered upon hitting the board and pipes of the goal. Goalie gear froze in place and equipment crumbled as the glue let go due to the deep freeze.

Dr. Saik said every participant experienced frostbite to some degree and that signs of frostbite would appear after just 3-to-4 minutes in the extreme cold.

Despite the weather, and suggested guidance from local government, the game persisted and organization was able to break their own Guinness World Record.

Check out the incredible stories of those who helped make the event possible, below.

The organization is still accepting donations and those looking to make a difference can do so at https://worldslongestgame.ualberta.ca/o/worlds-longest-game/i/wlhg2021/s/andrew-buchanan.


Andrew Buchanan, goalie -

Dr. Brent Saik, organizer and host -

World's Longest Hockey Game, photos courtesy Andrew Buchanan

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