It was 50 years ago, 1965, Lewiston was the hotbed on the boxing world as Muhammed Ali met Sonny Liston to a controversial World Heavyweight Championship rematch.

Ali, then known as Cassius Clay, and Liston first fought in February 1964 in Miami, Florida. Ali won when Liston would not come out for the 7th round.

The rematch was supposed to be at Boston Garden in November of 1964 but days before the fight, Ali suffered a hernia and the fight was postponed until May 25th 1965.

As fight night drew near there were problems. Massachusetts officials feared promoters were tied to organized crime. There were injunctions being sought because of controversial contract issues. Eventually, Massachusetts pulled out as host.

That's where the city of Lewiston comes into the picture. St.Dominic's Hall (now the Colisee) stepped up to host the fight. Only 2.434 fans showed up to watch and it remains the only heavyweight title fight ever in the state of Maine

And there is the story of the actual fight. Many believe it was a phantom punch that knocked down Liston in the first round.

You get to see it 50 years later and decide for yourself...