The elite eight snacks have made it to the quarterfinals after yesterday's voting in the first round.

Here's which snacks and food advanced from the four regions:

From the Dip Region, it was buffalo chicken dip claiming the 3-seed, while salsa and chips snuck through with the 8-seed.

In the Traditional Region, nachos earned the overall #1 seed while pizza also came through as the 6-seed.

The Meat Region was won by chicken wings, which grabbed the 2-seed, followed closely by 5th-seeded meatballs.

And the Fried Region was claimed by potato skins, which received enough votes for the 4-seed, while fried pickles earned the 7-seed.

While all these delicious gameday eats are deserving of a spot on you plate, or plates, let's keep whittling down the field to find the best gameday food for Super Bowl Sunday.


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