The Big East Coaches have voted and decided the award recipients for the 2015-16 season. All Conference Teams were determined by the coaches voting 15 points for the top player, 14 for the second player etc. down to 1. Coaches were unable to vote for their own players, and a player must play in 50 percent of the games to be eligible for All Conference status. The Big East Award ceremonies will take place on Saturday, February 27th at Old Town High School in between the Senior All Star Games... Girls at 1 PM and Boys at 3 PM.

Big East Boy's All Conference Teams
1st Team
Stefan Milivojevic Washington Academy
Nate DeSisto Orono
Andre Miller Old Town
Donovan Savage Caribou
Hunter Smith Foxcroft Academy

2nd Team
Bruce St. Peter Ellsworth
Riley Swanson MDI
Bryce Harmon Ellsworth
Tyler Beaton Hermon
Drew Columbe Old Town

3rd Team
Nick Bagley Ellsworth
Russell Kropff MDI
Janko Stojanovi Washington Academy
Keenan Marseille Hermon
Kaleb Gifford Old Town

Honorable Mention
Jake Koffman Orono
Chad Bartlett Old Town
Kyle Ham Central
Caleb Shaw Central
Alex Mooney John Bapst
Kam Hines Oromo

Boy's Player of the Year
Stefan Milivojevic Washington Academy

Boy's Coach of the Year
Peter Austin Ellsworth

Boy's Sportsmanship
John Bapst Memorial High School

Girl's All Conference Teams
1st Team
Kolleen Bouchard Houlton
Kesley Shaw MDI
Emily Wheaton Presque Isle
Crystal Bell John Bapst
Madison Card Ellsworth

2nd Team
Sydney Allen Central
Natalie Hill Houlton
Hannah Clement Orono
Libby Cook Central
Emi Higgins Hermon

3rd Team
Abigail Simpson Foxcroft Academy
Emily Lagerstrom Presque Isle
Grace Bickford Foxcroft Academy
Kate Whitney Ellsworth
Camryn Lyons Mattanawcook Academy

Honorable Mention
Mikayla Richards Old Town
Keely McConomy MDI
Sierra Tapley MDI
Aspen Flewelling Houlton
Searra Herbert Caribou
Hannah Philippon John Bapst
Taylor Williams Presque Isle
Caitlyn Lyons Washington Academy
Katie Condon Houlton

Girl's Player of the Year
Kolleen Bouchard Houlton

Girl's Co-Coaches of the Year
Brent Barker MDI
Shawn Graham Houlton

Girl's Sportsmanship Award
Washington Academy

Team Awards
John Bapst
Scholar Athletes - Harrison Dieuveuil, Jocelyn Bell
Paul Soucy Spirit Awards - Lucas Harman, Erin Crawford
Defensive Award- Spencer Baron, Hannah Philippon

Old Town
Scholar Athletes - Bradley Westura, Corinne Saucier
Paul Soucy Spirit Awards - Drew Coulombe, Mikayla Richards
Defensive Award- Kaleb Gifford, Caitlyn King

Scholar Athletes - Donovan Savage, Jenna Boucher
Paul Soucy Spirit Awards - Ricky Sheldon, Madison Doucette
Defensive Award- Donovan Savage, Hope Shea

Scholar Athletes - Jake Koffman, Jordan Hernandez
Paul Soucy Spirit Awards - Dennis Farnham, Hannah Clement
Defensive Award- Nate DeSisto, Jordan Hernandez

Scholar Athletes - Jacob Brown, Chelsea Gentle
Paul Soucy Spirit Awards - Cameron Graham, Rylee Warman
Defensive Award- Garrett Ring, Chelsea Gentle

Scholar Athletes - Kyle Ham, Libby Cook
Paul Soucy Spirit Awards - Grant Poulin, Kaylee Townsend
Defensive Award- Andrew Speed, Emma Campbell

Washington Academy
Scholar Athletes - Kyle Case, River Hodgdon
Paul Soucy Spirit Awards - Cameron Varney, Paige Richardson
Defensive Award- Sean Seavey, Caitlyn Lyons

Scholar Athletes - Drew Rich, Kelsey Shaw
Paul Soucy Spirit Awards - Kaleb Payson, Keely McConomy
Defensive Award- Graham Good, Maya Watras

Presque Isle
Scholar Athletes - Kyle Rider, Taylor Williams
Paul Soucy Spirit Awards - Jason Dumais, Emily Lagerstrom
Defensive Award- Randon Mortland, Olivia Hudson

Mattanawcook Academy
Scholar Athletes - Carter Ward, Camryn Lyons
Paul Soucy Spirit Awards - Scottie Jipson, Laci Hanington
Defensive Award- Gunner Maxwell, Camryn Lyons

Scholar Athletes - Charlie Libby, Kate Whitney
Paul Soucy Spirit Awards - Dylan Kelley, Olivia Colby
Defensive Award- Bruce St. Peter, Caitlin Bean

Scholar Athletes - Tyler Beaton, Allessa Oakes
Paul Soucy Spirit Awards - Mat Allen, Allessa Oakes
Defensive Award- Isaiah Marseille, Emi Higgins

Foxcroft Academy
Scholar Athletes - Dylan Harmon-Weeks, Avery Nelson
Paul Soucy Spirit Awards - Josh Reed, Caitlin Seavey
Defensive Award- Dylan Harmon-Weeks, Kendra Ewer

Boy's Senior All Star Teams
John Bapost - Harrison Dieuveuil
Old Town - Kaleb Gifford, Drew Coloumbe, Andre Miller, Chad Bartlett
Foxcroft Academy - Hunter Smith
Orono - Kam Hines
Hermon- Tyler Beaton
Houlton - Garrett Ring, Jacob Brown
Mattanwcook Academy - Gunner Maxwell
Washington Academy - Stefan Milivojevic, Cameron Varney, Janko Stojanovic
MDI- Isaiah Keene
Presque Isle - Kyle Rider
Ellsworth - Bruce St. Peter, Nick Bagley
Caribou - Donovan Savage
Central - Andrew Prescott, Kyle Ham (Injured)

Girl's Senior All Star Team
Foxcroft Academy - Madison Chadbourne
Mattanawcook Academy - Camryn Lyons, Cheyanne Libby
Orono - Hannah Clement
Houlton - Natalie Hilton, Katie Condon (Injured)
Ellsworth - Madison Card, Kate Whitney, Caitlin Bean
Hermon - Bryanne Crouse, Allessa Oakes
Presque Isle - Taylor Williams, Olivia Hudson, Regan Nelson
MDI - Kesley Shaw, Keely McConomy, Sierra Tapley (Injured)
John Bapst - Hannah Phillippon
Caribou - Jenna Boucher
Old Town - Mikayla Richards, Brooke Mishou, Caitlyn King




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