In a game seen on Ticket TV on Tuesday, January 9th, the Brewer Girls Basketball Team beat Bangor 43-42 for their 1st win over Bangor since 2018. The winning basket scored by Gabrielle Roberts went through the net as the buzzer sounded.

Brewer led 11-7 at the end of the 1st Quarter, but the Rams took a 20-17 lead at the Half. Bangor led 32-30 at the end of the 3rd Quarter.

Allie Flagg led all scorers for Brewer with 17 points. Jillian Ford had 13 points. Allie Flagg had 2 3-pointers and Abbie Flagg added 1 for the Witches.

Mimi Quinn had 14 points for Bangor. Clara Oldenburg had 7 points. Gabby Roy and Emily Adams each had a 3-pointer for the Rams

Brewer is now 4-5. They play at Mt. Blue on Friday, January 12th at 6:30 p.m.

Bangor is 7-2. The Rams will host Lewiston on Friday, January 12th at 6:30 p.m.

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Line Score

Bangor Girls713121042
Brewer Girls116131343


Box Score


Gabbie Spreng0---
Carley Andrews0---
Avery Clark71-5
Lucy O’Connell0---
Gabby Roy3-1-
Kali Snowden1--1
Dalaney Horr41-2
Clara Oldenburg73-1
Emily Caulkins21--
Gabby Raymond0---
Jaycee Thomas0---
Mimi Quinn146-2
Ava Syphers0---
Emily Adams4-11


Abbie Flagg3-1-
Gabrielle Roberts41-2
Allie Flagg17521
Olivia Gilmorr0---
Ainsley Goodwin21--
Kathleen Brydges0---
Emma Jameson0---
Mariah Roberts42--
Jillian Ford134-5
Reece McKenney0---
Gabby Chasse0---
Madison Shaw0---

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