Nobody likes it when certain players have an unfair advantage over the competition and no sport has a more checkered past when it comes to the matter than Major League Baseball, some 20 years removed from the "Steroid Era."

In the span of two and a half weeks, the issue of spin rate and foreign substances have gone from something that no fan was talking about to one of the biggest stories in the sports world.

While pitchers left and right, like Rays' ace Tyler Glasnow, are calling out MLB for making a series of changes in the season, and analysts like ESPN's Jeff Passan say league-wide averages will jump 10-20 points as a result of the changes being implemented, MLB has felt it necessary to launch a crusade against these sticky compounds.

The simplest question that can be asked on the subject is - will the league's crackdown against "foreign substances" lead to an improved product? Or is this much ado about nothing in the grand scheme?

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