Poll #1 - Of the four major sports in this country, do any of the postseasons need tweaking?

In recent years, all four have seen changes of some sort, as MLB expanded the field to 16 teams last year to cope with the 60-game season. The NBA this year implemented the play-in tournament after the regular season, meaning 20 teams had a shot to make the playoffs as opposed to the normal 16.

The NHL had a field of 24 last year with their own version of a play-in and the NFL expanded to 14 teams in the dance for the first time in 2020.

Whether it's adding to or subtracting from the amount of teams that qualify, or changing the format in place, which league could most use an overhaul to its postseason tournament?

Poll #2 - Out of the four tournaments, which presents the fiercest challenge for its eventual champion?

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