Biddeford's Brian Dumoulin and the Pittsburgh Penquins avoided salary arbitration at the last minute after agreeing to a new 6-year, $24-million-dollar deal.

The arbitration hearing was supposed to be today and after the two sides swapped proposals, the two sides agreed on a deal that will averaged $4.1 million a year. The contract runs throught the 2022-2023 season.

Dumoulin has been a big part of the Penquins back-to-back Stanley Cup championships. He played in all 49 playoff games and logged the most ice time among all Pittsburgh players during this year's Cup run. He doesn't score a lot of goals but is rock steady on defense.

Today Dumoulin got rewarded for that.

Dumoulin won high school state championships at Biddeford HS and went on to win a NCAA national title with Boston College. He was originally drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes and was traded to the Penquins in 2012.

He is the first Maine born player to win the Stanley Cup.

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