Happy 2's day everybody. It's a day that will likely never happen again. Unless in 200 years, 2/22/2222 also happens to fall on a Tuesday...but we won't be around for that and I'm not about to do the research required to figure it out.

(Update: a quick Google search tells me that 2/22/2222 will be a Friday, so yes, today is quite unique. In fact, according to a USA Today article published today, "The date is so rare the National Weather Service says a "Twosday" won't happen again for another 400 years, in 2422.)

So now that we have that out of the way, let's put a sports spin on it, shall we?

Over the years, 41 Boston Red Sox players have worn the #2, while an additional 36 BoSox have donned #22.

The Boston Bruins have actually retired both the number 2 and 22. Eddie Shore was the first and last Bruin to wear #2, as the organization sent the number to the rafters once Shore stopped playing for the spoked-B in 1940. 35 players all told have worn the #22 for the B's, but the number was retired just last month in a ceremony at the T.D. Garden in honor of Willie O'Ree, the first Black player in NHL history.

Meanwhile, no Boston Celtics player has ever worn #2 (nor will one, as it's retired in honor of Red Auerbach), though four players have claimed #22 in C's history.

And if Pro Football Reference was as good as the other three sport's sites at tracking numbers, I'd let you know how many Patriots have worn 2 and 22. Instead, you'll just have to take my word that Doug Flutie is the most notable No. 2 in Patriots' history, while Asante Samuel easily tops the list of 22's.

On this special Twosday, let's crown the best 2 or 22 to ever play in Boston. Who's your pick?


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