Golf's first major of the year teed off this morning in Augusta, Georgia after a two hour weather delay which will see some of the sport's bigger names tee off late in the afternoon and be forced to finish their first round tomorrow morning.

As a golf junkie, this is one of the best weekends on the sports calendar and will account for the vast majority of my sports viewing habits over the course of the next three days.

I get it, golf on TV isn't for everyone. But compared to the other options at the moment, it's a no-brainer for me.

I've tuned into each of the Sox 12 games this season, but watching a full 9-innings is a chore even for a baseball diehard like myself.

I can't tell you the last time I watched a full regular season NBA game from start to finish, and the same can be said about the NHL. The NBA is a 4th quarter sport throughout the regular season. Hockey will get me to settle in for 60 minutes of action, but it's gotta be Stanley Cup Playoff action, and that doesn't get going for another 11 days.

Of the options available this weekend, which would you be most likely to tune into?

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