With each passing day, Rob Manfred and the Major League Baseball governing contingent move the 2022 Opening Day further down the road.

While only the first two series of the season have officially been canceled, things are not looking all that rosy.

"Players are livid" reports Jeff Passan of ESPN, while at least four owners thought the league's final offer to the Players Association (which is what made the players livid) was "too generous."

Mike Trout, who steps into the limelight on no occasions other than when he's playing nine innings of baseball, released a statement on social media saying Manfred and others did not act in good faith. The league office says they did and tried everything they could to get an agreement in place, but would not be met by the players. Add it all up and what do you get? A pointless staring contest resulting in nothing but no games and the sport fading from people's attention.

It looks like we've arrived at a stalemate that could last for who knows how long. Trout said the players are unified to 'get this right for the future generations,' and the owners are fine with not budging an inch because they can afford to sit on their you-know-whats.

We already know the game won't be there when the snow melts and the season traditionally gets underway. Will there come a point when you think you'll begin to miss the game? Or have you had enough of the petty squabbling to swear off baseball in 2022?

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