It's time to wrap up our Red Sox predictions leading up to Opening Day tomorrow.

So far, we've established that 55% thinks Xander Bogaerts will lead the team in average, 85% think Rafael Devers will lead the team in homers and 50% think Devers will drive in the most runs on the squad.

On the mound, 56% think Nathan Eovaldi will lead the team in wins while 38% think Eovaldi will also lead all Sox starters in ERA.

Now, let's turn our focus to team success. The Sox surprised many last year when they won 92 games and finished 2nd in the AL East before taking the Houston Astros to six games in the ALCS.

Can they replicate that in 2022? Succeed it? Or will there be a drop off in what's shaping up to be a brutally tough AL East?

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