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Until the Summer of 2023, there's a chance that a lot of New Englanders assumed the "Savannah Bananas" was some type of dessert or smoothie that they had never heard of before.

Of course, that all changed when we actually found out what they were all about on August 18, 2023, when the Bananas brought their schtick to Hadlock Field in Portland, Maine.

ESPN considers them "The Greatest Show in Sports." Even more simply put, they're essentially to baseball what the Harlem Globetrotters are to basketball -- a mix of performance art and athletics.

Savannah Bananas Boston

After such a successful, well-received appearance in Maine, it was equal parts exciting and not shocking to see New England make the travel plans again for the team when the 2024 Savannah Bananas schedule was released.

According to the schedule, the Savannah Bananas will play/perform at Fenway Park on Saturday, June 8. Here's the interesting part of it, though -- it's not like scoring tickets to the Red Sox, where you just hit up the team website and buy them.

To secure tickets to the Bananas, you have to join a lottery list, which already closed for the 2024 season on December 1. However, you'll still have access to tickets through third-party vendors like StubHub and Ticketmaster (naturally, marked up from the usual $35 the Bananas typically charge.)

thesavbananas via Instagram
thesavbananas via Instagram

John Cena Savannah Bananas

Occasionally, the Bananas will recruit celebrities to join the team for a special one-off at bat or to become a member of the team for one game.

Ironically, one of the biggest A-listers to come out of New England -- West Newbury, Massachusetts' John Cena -- donned a Bananas uniform back in February when the team played in Tampa (where John now currently lives.)

And his appearance was the opposite of World Champion-like.

Odds are, it was all apart of the schtick. But regardless of what the headline of this article says -- seeing (or not seeing, since "You Can't See Me" has been John's own schtick for most of his career) John as part of the Bananas at Fenway this June would bring an already amazing event to a true championship level.

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