For fans of the long-running game show Jeopardy!, there have been plenty of clues about everything and anything Maine over the years. Stephen King, lobster, and the capital city of Augusta seem to most the common topics when it comes to Maine-themed questions. But on Monday's episode, Jeopardy! ventured into different territory with some rather frustrating results.

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Shared on Twitter by Kim Block, the veteran news anchor spoke for everyone in Maine when she proclaimed to be screaming at the television over the lack of an answer. You can see the clue, which seems like a pretty blatant way for the writers to work a moose into the game show. But you don't need to be a professional arborist to understand what kind of tree is predominant in New England.

To be fair, the category wasn't meant to be about Maine. In the Jeopardy round, it came from a punny category called "Moose-ellaneous". It was the $600 clue, meaning moderately difficult.

Yet, rather stunningly, the contestants on Jeopardy! didn't even dare to offer up a guess. The silence was inconsequential towards the finale of the game. But for viewers throughout the Pine Tree State, it has to leave you wondering.

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Does everyone in other states believe that we ride moose to work while eating lobster for every meal? Is the entire state made up of people named some variation of Stephen King, who coincidentally all reside in Portland, Bangor, or Augusta? Are we just part of Canada? These and other answers still to come on Jeopardy!

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