Superstitions run rampant in sports, not just for the players, but for us fans. Whether it's not changing your underwear, not shaving your beard, sitting in the same spot weekly, wearing the same hat, or not washing your jersey, the superstitions are endless.

During the incredible reign of our New England Patriots, I'm not even sure superstitions mattered because we were so incredible. However, for the most part, I always sported my Gronk jersey every time they were away, and my Brady jersey when they were home raising the "roof" at Foxborough.

So hey, why not throw food into the mix now?

Whether your allegiance lies with the San Francisco 49ers or Taylor Swift's boyfriend's team, superstitions extend to food. In case you need a reminder, the kick-off for the big game is on Sunday, February 11, in Las Vegas at 6:30 pm on CBS.

The Kansas City Chiefs are predicted to win Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium, from ESPN to Sporting News to USA Today Sports. However, the win probability has the 49ers with a 53% chance of taking it.

This all said, let's talk about your menu, or at least what you should eat and not eat to help your team (at least if you believe in this kind of thing).

According to SWNS Media Group, three cheers for burgers, chicken wings, and hot dogs, while deviled eggs and garlic bread are considered bad omens. I remember eating deviled eggs and watching the Patriots win several times, but again, it was New England, and it wasn't a Super Bowl game.

Also, pizza is the #1 must for that positive energy, along with popcorn and chips, but don't you dare eat mozzarella sticks.

Here's where I'm out on this whole superstition thing. According to SWNS Media Group, salsa and queso are big no-nos on game day. What the what?!?!?  I know I had chips, salsa, guacamole, and queso at every Super Bowl the Pats won.

At least nachos are a must, while pretzelsvegetable platters, and cheese & cracker spreads are considered bad luck. Well, that's a shame.

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