The MPA baseball committee has come up with its plan to take high school baseball pitching rules from innings pitched to pitch count. Committee chairman Phil St. Onge joins 'The Morning Pitch Show' today to talk about the plan.

The MPA's sports medicine committee get a chance to look at changes before the full MPA votes on the new plan. Changes would take place beginning next spring.

Varsity Pitchers:

1 - 20 pitches       No Rest

21 - 39 pitches     1 Days Rest

40 - 65 pitches     2 Days Rest

66 - 95 pitches     3 Days Rest

96+ pitches          4 Days Rest

110 pitches           Max

* subvarsity pitches levels are lower

NOTE: Phil St.Onge will join 'The Morning Pitch Show' at 6:40am today!