Sports betting went live in the state of Maine back at the beginning of the month of November.

With DraftKings Sportsbook putting out offers of $200 in bonus bets with a $5 deposit (now down to $150 in bonus bets) and Caesars Sportsbook offering $100 in bonus bets for a $50 wager, many (myself included) have been drawn in by the idea of dipping our toes into the world of sports betting while using house money.

While I've certainly lost more bets than I've won over the course of the last three weeks or so (a cautionary tale to all that get involved), the bonus bets and special offers have allowed me to pocket some extra cash from the comfort of my couch.

Mainers spent $3.9 million in the first weekend after sports betting went live, and in the first two weeks averaged more than $1 million in wagers per day, with total wagers for the first fortnight tallying just under $14 million.

If done safely and responsibly, it certainly adds a different element of excitement to your favorite sports events.

As the first month of sports betting in the Pine Tree State comes to a close, have you taken advantage of the new opportunities? Or is it something you have no interest in?

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