The Boston Red Sox are playing out the stretch on what will be a last place finish in the American League East for the fifth time since 2011. This for an organization that finished in last place just once from 1933-2011.

However, it's also a club that went 86 years without winning a World Series, and since reversing the curse in 2004, no team in baseball has won more championships than the Sox.

Sometimes, you gotta take the good with the bad. Just look at the last 11 seasons for the BoSox. Since 2011, the Sox have:

- Four 1st place finishes in AL East

- Two World Series titles

- Five last place finishes in AL East

Sure, it's a bit erratic, but a World Series victory covers a world of hurt that may follow. Even when they're not winning titles, they were 18 innings from the pennant last year before tumbling back down to the basement this summer.

Say the Sox keep that ratio over the next 10 years. As many or more last place finishes as they have 1st place seasons, with a couple more Duck Boat parades through the streets of Boston mixed in. As a fan, would you sign up for that?


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