Remember when Mac Jones was good? Yeah, it's becoming more and more difficult for me to remember as well with each passing stinker getting lousier and lousier than the one before.

It's wild to watch the recent displays from No. 10 and think they're coming from the same guy that began his NFL career with a 9-4 record and had the Patriots sitting with the No. 1 seed in the AFC when they entered the bye week during his rookie year.

At the time, Mac had 2,869 passing yards, 16 TD and 8 INT and was playing well enough for an eventual Pro Bowl "selection." Since then, New England has gone 9-19 in games started by Jones, with the QB struggling mightily on the field to the tune of less than 213 passing yards per game, 30 TD and 26 INT.

He's gone from being the best rookie QB in his class to a guy who makes inexcusably awful plays on a weekly basis and now appears lucky to have a career as a backup in front of him. So what happened?

It's become a bit of a chicken-or-egg argument throughout New England. Did Mac Jones simply not pan out and fail the team who selected him 15th overall? Or did Bill Belichick and the team fail the young QB by not surrounding him with much talent to speak of while toying with his head by instituting three different OC's in three seasons, including one guy with no previous experience on the offensive side of the ball?

Mac remaining as the team's starting QB, either for the remainder of this season or into the future, appears untenable at this point. Whose feet do you put the blame at?

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