Baseball is back. Welcome to one of the best sports days on the calendar. Not only does it signal spring around the corner, but brings with it the return of America's pastime. And as Jeff Passan of ESPN put it, "a new brand of baseball will reveal itself" today with the added rule changes for the 2023 season.

While the product overall should be more enjoyable for the fans, will the same be said about the Boston Red Sox?

It's been an offseason of gauging fan interest after a second last place finish in three years. Chaim Bloom and Co. have placed the onus on building up the farm system, which is well and dandy, but not when it comes at the expense of major league success. That's what has taken place in recent years and it's led to an increasingly unengaged and disinterested fanbase.

Back in February, we asked "where is your excitement level at with the Red Sox heading into spring training?"

34% said "not too confident, but hope springs eternal this time of the year."

29% said they were "not excited at all" while only 20% chimed in with "can't wait for opening day!"

Now that the season has arrived, what tune are you singing about the 2023 Boston Red Sox?

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