For the better part of two decades, the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots spearheaded a golden age of sports that will never be matched.

Now, they're the two teams occupying the bottom half of the four-team city power rankings. Boston is a Celtics and Bruins town at the moment. That's because those are the two teams actively doing their best to compete for championships.

The B's sold out last year and came up short. But in Boston, there's something to be said for selling out. It shows you care. Meanwhile, Brad Stevens has bolstered the Celtics into a title-favorite squad once again.

The Red Sox have spent the last four years crying poverty despite being one of the sport's biggest brands. While Chaim Bloom spent four seasons retooling the minor league system, the results at the major league level suffered to the point it cost Bloom his job,

In Foxborough, a divorce of two G.O.A.T.'s saw one gallop off to greener pastures in the Sunshine State and win a Super Bowl while his old team has toiled away ever since. Bill Belichick is now 80-93 without a certain No. 12 serving as his quarterback. The Pats are 3-10 since last Thanksgiving and making a strong case to be considered among the select few worst teams in the NFL.

Both the Red Sox and Patriots last won championships in 2018, when the Pats won their 6th ring with Brady and the Sox romped to 119 wins and a World Series title. Since then, the two fanbases have had to put up with much more losing than winning.

Which team is coming closer to emptying its goodwill reserves?

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