The market for the greatest coach in the history of pro football appears to be pretty dry at the moment.

When Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots announced a couple weeks back that they were parting ways after a historic 24-year run, we all thought teams would be lining up and trying to jump over each other to bid for the G.O.A.T.'s services.

That has been anything but the case.

The Atlanta Falcons are the only organization to have show any interest in Belichick to this point. Bill and the Falcons have met twice, but they've also met twice with Jim Harbaugh and a host of other candidates as they have taken a very measured approach to filling the vacancy.

If things don't work out with the Falcons, Bill could be left without a job next season. That's because none of the other teams searching for their next head coach appear to have any interest in the 72-year-old free agent.

Belichick's got the resume to trump anyone. He's within striking distance of the wins record, has the most playoffs wins, and the most Super Bowls. The problem is, the last four years on that resume is a body of work that gets coaches fired, not hired.

In the post-Brady era of Belichick's time in New England, the Pats went 29-38 while trying to win with Cam Newton, Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe at the quarterback position.

Bill and the organization routinely whiffed on a majority of their draft picks over the four years and even a few during the end of Brady's Patriots career, leading to Bill the GM assembling one of the least talented rosters in the NFL the last two seasons.

New England made the playoffs once during the last four years as a sacrificial lamb, only to be shellacked by the Buffalo Bills by 30 points.

Add up the last three paragraphs and that's what gets coaches fired, and likely part of the reason teams appear to be so hesitant when it comes to Belichick.

Again, I'm someone who wanted the man back as Pats' coach next season, so I'm not sitting here just to make the case against Bill. But the facts are the facts and they seem to be giving teams around the league quite a bit of pause.

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