The Kansas City Chiefs have officially put their stamp down as the league's next dynasty after claiming a third Super Bowl title in five years.

Patrick Mahomes has never not played in an AFC title game and has only missed the Super Bowl twice. While he's still nowhere near sniffing G.O.A.T. territory, he's the unquestioned alpha in today's league.

Mahomes now has four Super Bowl appearances and three rings to his credit. There are only four other QB's in the entire league who have won a Super Bowl (Matthew Stafford, Russell Wilson, Joe Flacco and Aaron Rodgers) while only five others (Brock Purdy, Jalen Hurts, Joe Burrow, Jimmy G and Jared Goff) have played in the big game.

There is quite the gap right now between Mahomes' championship resume and that of the other 31 QB's around the NFL.

The NFL is built for parity, but so far, that hasn't really impacted KC's run. This year was supposed to be their weakest team and the one most hamstrung by the cap, yet look how it turned out.

When we asked who the second best QB in the NFL was back in January, Joe Burrow ran away with the poll, while Lamar Jackson finished second and Josh Allen third. The problem there of course is that all three have their path blocked by Mahomes, with only Burrow yet to get past him in the playoffs.

While KC may have some cap questions to answer in the near future, they're also about to become the premier ring chasing destination in the NFL, which won't hurt their attempts to build a competitive squad year over year.

Over the next three years, which QB has the talent, but also the team around him to knock off the league's newest dynasty?

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