The Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins, who both reside at the TD Garden, have been by far the city's two most successful teams in recent years. Despite that, it seems most New England sports fans still meet the pair of teams with a "prove it" attitude.

The Celtics have played in five of the last seven Eastern Conference Finals but have just once broken through to the NBA Finals, where they lost in six games vs. Golden State to end the 2021-22 season.

Despite being the best team in the NBA, there's still a bit of skepticism surrounding the Green Team, with many fans growing anxious after years of coming so close.

As for the Bruins, well, we know what happened there. The best team in the history of regular season hockey blew a 3-1 lead and lasted all of seven games in the playoffs last year before bowing out against Florida.

It's caused some scar tissue among Bruins faithful, who find it difficult to fully embrace the success of this year's squad - which sits three points away from the driver's seat for the President's Trophy - due to last season's historic shortcomings.

Both teams are at or near the top of their respective leagues once again. They'll both be playing in the postseason come the second half of April. But which team do you have more faith in to not burn you yet again?

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