The NFL Draft is six weeks from tonight. So, it's really not all that close. Despite that, and despite the Celtics being the best team in the NBA, the Bruins skating toward another Cup run, the Sox getting set to open the season and March Madness around the corner, the NFL still knows how to make sure it's dominating the headlines.

It certainly helps when your team has the intrigue of owning the No. 3 overall pick and the pressure of having to ace their usage of the selection to jumpstart the organization's rebuild.

Since November, I've been in love with the idea of Jayden Daniels in a Patriots uniform. Sadly, the closer we inch to the Draft, the further that dream appears to be from reality. Whether he's taken by Washington or forces another team to trade up in the draft for his rights, it seems as though Daniels has supplanted UNC QB Drake Maye as the unquestioned favorite to be drafted 2nd overall.

Let's focus in on this possible future for a moment. Six weeks from tonight, if Caleb Williams is the first overall pick as expected, then Daniels follows him off the board at No. 2, what should the Patriots do next?

They would be left with who the "experts" are calling the third of three QB's. It's not all that dissimilar from the situation in which the organization drafted Mac Jones, when he was the last QB on the board after four were snatched up in the first 11 picks.

Is it still a no-brainer to grab what we all hope is the QB of the future at No. 3, or is there a different route that might make more sense for the Patriots should things play out in this manner?

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