The story everyone anticipated dominating the headlines on Day 2 of NFL free agency - "RFK Jr. eyes Rodgers as VP on presidential ticket."

Yeah, we're truly in bizarro world.

News broke yesterday during The Drive that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is considering New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers and former-Governor of Minnesota/ex-pro wrestler Jesse Ventura as his primary candidates to be his Vice President on the Independent ticket for 2024.

It just keeps getting weirder the more you type. Though, truly nothing should shock us at this point in regards to Rodgers, the biggest attention you-know-what in the game.

Do I think he will truly end up running for the Vice Presidency? No, the money from the Jets (of which he is owed $75 million) is a tad tough to pass up. The guy just loves being in the headlines no matter how much he tries to smirk it off and act like he's just too cool to care. And if he does run? Well, welcome to America in 2024, where news headlines are now in-line with those generated by third graders filling out ad-libs.

Let's just pretend for a second this comes to fruition, though. If Rodgers bails on the Jets after they traded their immediate future for him and went all-in to appease the most unappeasable guy out there, that would no doubt supplant Bill Belichick's efforts as the ultimate screwing of the J-E-T-S JETS, JETS,

Remember, back in 2000 after Bill Parcels caught wind of Robert Kraft's interest in Belichick, he resigned in New York to trigger a clause in his contract which elevated Belichick to the role of head coach. Effectively denying Bill from leaving and accepting the Patriots' job, or so the Big Tuna thought. Bill sat on it for 24 hours and after much deliberation turned in his resignation on a napkin which stated "BB resigns as HC of NYJ."

For 24 years that has set the standard as the premier screw job, especially as New York had a front row divisional seat as Belichick went on to become the greatest coach in the game's history while claiming six Lombardi Trophies.

But my god, if this Rodgers story has legs, it becomes one of the strangest stories in sports' history.

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