The Chaim Bloom era in Boston is over as the Red Sox announced less than an hour ago that Bloom and the organization parted ways earlier this morning.

It's both shocking and yet not shocking at all. It's shocking that the news would come on a random Thursday in mid-September, prior to a rain forced doubleheader at Fenway Park vs. the Yankees. It's shocking because ownership allowed it to get to this point. They sat back and watched as Bloom sucked the life out of the major league club in favor of his beloved prospects scattered throughout the farm system. It's not shocking because three last place finishes in four years is inexcusable for a franchise like the Red Sox. So what led to the change being made today?

Rumors began percolating last week of uneasiness within the front office. That since the trade deadline, ownership had grown unhappy with Bloom and no longer trusted him to act in the best interest of the Red Sox, as he does in the interest of the Greenville Drive, Portland Sea Dogs and Worcester Red Sox.

It appears, based on the reporting of those around the team, that the inaction at this year's trade deadline is what finally did Bloom in. There were deals to be made, whether buying or selling. He made none and the team entered a tailspin not too dissimilar to how things played out a year ago. And it appears the result will be the same - a third last place finish in the last four years.

Let's get some instant reaction to the news to judge the current thoughts of Red Sox Nation as the club moves ahead to a new era. Hopefully one that brings a return to spending at the major league level, competing for the postseason and conducting business as you should when you're one of the biggest brands in MLB.

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