Expectations cannot get any higher than those the Boston Celtics carry into the 2023-24 NBA season, and they're not hiding from it. Just take a look...

There is but one goal in the building, so the same sentiments should be shared among the fans, no? Well, I'd caution to be careful what you wish for.

If the only acceptable outcome for the Celtics this year is to win the title next June, that opens the squad up to all kinds of pressure. Does Joe Mazzulla survive another ringless season if that's the only goal? What about all the trades and moves made with this year in mind? We saw the Bruins go "all-in" last year, only to come up short and now be left in a somewhat uncomfortable roster situation.

I'm not saying this year shouldn't be viewed as championship or bust by the team. I love that they feel that way and are openly saying as much. But we all know how quickly the narrative can turn sour in Boston the second there's the first bit of adversity.

The season has yet to begin, but it seems already decided that should the year end in anything other than Banner 18, it will be a failure in Beantown.

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