NFLPA Team Report Cards were made public around the league yesterday and Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots did not fare too well.

Kraft received a D+ grade which ranked 27th among the league's 32 owners. That grade was earned due to a lack of spending on facilities as well as several other factors (training room: C, locker room: C-, team travel: D, weight room: F, treatment of families: F-).

You know that's something that will eat at ole Bobby, who cares very much about his public perception and legacy.

Meanwhile, if you've watched any of The Dynasty documentary on Apple TV, you'll see a carefully crafted Robert and Jonathan Kraft trying to present themselves to the fanbase as the "good guys" who did everything they could to keep the dynasty together while larger egos worked to rip it apart.

At one point in the fourth episode, amid the coverage of the SpyGate saga, the elder Kraft flatly states, "I protected Bill...we tried to protect his reputation."

As for Bill, well he certainly took enough arrows from the media and fanbase over the course of the 2023 regular season which ultimately resulted in a 4-13 year and Belichick losing his job after 24 years in Foxborough.

But with more comments like that from the Krafts and recent comments from the new lead executive Elliot Wolf that certainly seemed like shots at Bill, so much so that Jerod Mayo had to come out and say the new regime isn't taking shots at the old one, there seems to be a tide turning back in Belichick's favor among Patriots Nation.

Hell, when we ran polls in the weeks around his exit, most responders still wanted Belichick to be the head coach next season.

With what seems like a one-sided war for reputation being waged by the Krafts, who do you align with?

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