There's been much talk in recent days around the Boston Bruins' case as the "greatest hockey team of all-time." Sure, it's probably a little premature, but if the B's capture the Cup, there's really not a counter argument to be made.

But that's a big IF as we all learned in 2007. The Patriots were unequivocally the most dominant squad in the history of the NFL...until they weren't, at the worst possible moment on the biggest stage. The ending certainly soured that season to the point where it's no longer a source of pride for fans, but rather a painful memory. Yet there's no denying how dominant they were in all facets, up until that fateful final game.

The '07-'08 Celtics racked up the third most wins in franchise regular season history (66) before securing the Larry O'Brien Trophy, just as the 2018 Red Sox backed a 108-win regular season (the most in club history) with 11 more in the postseason and a World Series title.

The next two months will decide if we remember this year's Bruins team like the '07 Pats, or if they're held in high regard as are the '08 C's and '18 Sox.

Which squad would you say was a class above the rest?

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