It's day two of the new era for the Red Sox, though, we really have no clue what this "new era" will look like.

After Chaim Bloom's dismissal yesterday, team president Sam Kennedy took the podium to confidently state that ownership expects to compete for championships year in and year out.

It's more talking out of both sides of their mouth by everyone in Sox ownership. The same folks who mandated that Bloom trade Mookie Betts because he was too pricey, slash payroll and then pretend to be shocked when the MLB roster suffers and fans grow tired of watching yet another soon-to-be last place baseball team.

But we've seen this movie before from Henry & Co. Ben Cherington placed a focus on the minors, made smaller moves than his predecessor Theo Epstein at the major league level, and not even the magical 2013 World Series run could save Cherington from getting run out of town in favor of the big spender, Dave Dombrowski. That is until said big spender spent too much and ownership decided for another 180.

So is that's what's coming next for Boston? That model of GM doesn't seem to exist much throughout the sport in 2023, but hey, ole Sammy said the organization is always willing to spend to win.

Of course, another way of spending is via trade, with all this supposed capital Bloom stocked the shelves with.

Would you be okay with the new president of baseball operations coming to town and emptying out that cupboard in favor of bolstering the MLB roster?

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