The first 10 games of the year were among the best played by any team in baseball as the Red Sox rattled off a 7-3 record on their 10-game west coast swing out of the gate. That of course was before yesterday's home opener was spoiled by the O's and a rather ugly display from the Sox wearing white for the first time in 2024.

Yesterday was a flashback to much of what we've seen the last two years. A sleepy showing from the lineup apart from an early flash bang by Tyler O'Neill (who is currently on pace for an 88hr/88rbi season) that ended with two total hits and shoddy defense that opened the floodgates.

But, again, the first 10 were a pleasant surprise. Boston returned east with the lowest team ERA in franchise history through 10 games, while a team forecasted by Vegas to win 77ish games got a tenth of the way to that mark in the first week and a half.

To me, the book on this year's club seems rather straightforward. The pitching can feast on weak lineups while Boston's bats are prone to going silent once a series. The team has little in the way of depth, both around the diamond and on the mound, and is one or two more injuries away from being a low-70's win team.

The loss of Trevor Story simply is not a huge deal in my mind. You can't miss what you've never had, and by the end of this year, Story will have missed 305 games with the Sox while playing in just 145. He hasn't been in the lineup the last two years, and the few times he has, he hasn't produced. So no, you're not missing anything there other than the hope of what he could have been.

After watching the first 11 games of the season, I have plenty of reason to think this team can reach my predicted total of 83 wins, but the warts are also clear. What have you seen from the Sox so far?

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