Overnight, a story appeared on our fine website titled "Who is the best? We ranked the mascots of all the Maine colleges and universities." It was published by one of the Townsquare Media stations in Portland and in the article, the author offers some quick stats in the form of pros and cons on how each mascot would fare in an actual battle.

We're taking a slightly different tone for today's Drive Poll. We just want to know which mascot is your favorite!

The first thing that struck me when looking through the aforementioned article was just how many different schools there are in the Pine Tree State. The list began at No. 21. I don't know about you, but if you asked me how many colleges and universities were in Maine, my answer probably would've been about half that number.

Granted, the article did include community colleges. For our poll, we're just featuring the flagship D-I school up the road from us and the prominent D-III schools around the state.

Let us know which fluffy, furry or fierce mascot is your favorite!

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