The Patriots have a plan! Or so says, who yesterday reported via Patriots insider Mark Daniels that New England has a plan in place to revamp their quarterback position.

The plan entails signing a veteran - a Jacoby Brissett-type - drafting a QB at No. 3, and shipping Mac the hell out of town. Sounds like a solid plan to me.

While the quarterback position is the most important piece of this offseason, it's still just that - one piece to a much larger puzzle.

When meeting with reporters for the first time as the guy earlier this week, Elliot Wolf, New England's de facto GM, said the team needs to "weaponize the offense," which is certainly music to the ears of Patriots fans.

However, we also learned yesterday from Andrew Callahan of The Boston Herald, that Wolf's power as GM is not guaranteed beyond the draft. Callahan notes that "not only that, but several front-office members are on expiring deals. Which means the Krafts have a bunch of lame ducks trying to get the Patriots off the ground."

Well, that makes me feel lovely, how about you, fellow Patriots fans?

So it would seem the people tasked with making the selections to kickstart the rebuild may not even be around once the process truly takes shape. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Since the split with Bill Belichick, it's seemed the Patriots' "plan" has more been pieces falling into place rather disjointedly. With so much riding on this off-season, what's your faith in the Patriots getting it right?

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