The roller coaster continued on last night for the Boston Celtics, who fell flat on their faces in a 115-103 Game 5 home loss, pushing what we all expected to be a title contending season to the brink.

History isn't exactly on the Celtics' side at this point, as teams that have lost Game 5 of a series tied 2-2 go on to lose the series 82% of the time (41-187). That being said, the Celtics found themselves down 2-3 twice at this juncture of the postseason last year, and twice came back against Milwaukee and Miami.

But as Jaylen Brown said after last night's loss, "last year is last year."

Should the C's get bounced by the Sixers, it will set off a bleep storm of the highest magnitude. To watch the Bruins first, then Celtics get knocked out in the first and second rounds of their respective playoffs would send Boston fans into a tizzy. And once in said tizzy, they'll be looking for heads to roll.

So, that brings us to today's poll questions. Firstly, what confidence, if any, remains in the Celtics completing the comeback against Philly? Then, should the worst happen, what does the future of this team look like?

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