Planning on attending a Patriots game this season? Well, if you are heading to Gillette Stadium you may soon see a new way to get your favorite beer. Last week, Foxborough's Board of Selectmen unanimously voted for Gillette Stadium to introduce self-serve beer options.

The concept of self-serving beer stands is not new. Other stadiums already have used this portable system. According to The Sun Chronicle, the beer-serving units are 10 feet wide and feature four different beer dispensers.

If you are wondering how self-serving beer stations are going to work, don't worry your ID will still be checked. The Sun Chronicle states that anyone interested in getting their own beer will have to be prescreened by staff at Gillette Stadium. Therefore, your IDs will still be looked at as well as the staff evaluating if someone needs to be "cut off."

The only down side is that every station will offer the same four beers, therefore you will not find another brand of beer at a different station. Each station will have its own credit card reader and they will be programmed to only allow two drinks per card transaction.

The Sun Chronicle goes on to mention how you will be able to use the stations and it is really simple. First you will insert your card and choose from one of the four beers that is offered. Next, you will put a cup under the corresponding tap. Lastly, the machine would perfectly pour your drink.

It is also important to know, that no one will get more beer than you, as everyone that uses the kiosk will receive the same amount of beer in their cup.

Now the real question is why will Gillette Stadium be getting these self-serving stations? Well, these beer stations are being introduced due to overcrowding at current beer stations. So, hopefully there will not be much of a crowd when you go to get your drink.

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