It is time to compete against Bryan Stackpole in our prop bet competition. Four matches on tap this week, and he leads this quarantine edition by 5 games. Can you make up some ground this week? And we added a last minute bonus question too.

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Here are the games :

Prop Bets == 7/2/2020
1 – Which will be higher? The number of drivers finishing on the lead lap of the NASCAR Cup Series race at the Brickyard or the number of players who finish the PGA Tour event this weekend under par for the tournament?
NASCAR Cup Series -
PGA Tour – Bryan’s Pick

2 – Which will be higher? Number of goals scored in the NWSL this weekend or the number of goals scored in the English Premier League Sunday? (4 games each)
NWSL Goals -
EPL Goals – Bryan’s Pick

3 – Which will be higher? The number of wins for the Orix Buffaloes or the wins for the Hanshin Tigers in the Nippon Baseball League at the end of the weekend?
Orix Buffaloes Wins -
Hanshin Tigers Wins – Bryan’s Pick

4 – Which will be higher? Score for Olympiacos in the Greece A1 Water Polo league against Panionios Saturday or Score of the leader of the PGA Tour under par after the third round Saturday?
Olympiacos Score -
3rd Round PGA Tour Leader under par – Bryan’s Pick

5 – Bonus Question – Which will be higher? The number of hot dogs eaten by Joey Chestnut in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest of the high temperature in Bangor Sunday?
Chestnut Hot Dogs Consumed
Bangor High Temp – Bryan”s Pick

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