The Penobscot Valley Conference released their 2022-23 All-Conference Wrestling Teams. Congratulations to All!

Wt. Class-106: 

  • 1st team:  Chase Scott, Calais
  • 2nd team: Shawn Cushing, Washington Academy
  • Honorable Mention: Asher Bishop, Woodland

Wt. Class-113: 

  • 1st team: Carter Noble, MDI
  • 2nd: Joel Allen, Ellsworth
  • Honorable Mention: Noah Woodruff, Dexter

Wt. Class-120: 

  • 1st team: Nathan Durgin, Foxcroft Academy
  • 2nd: Henry Bell, Washington Academy
  • Honorable Mention:  Garrett Tibbetts, Dexter

Wt. Class 126: 

  • 1st team: Connor Langerak, Mattanawcook 
  • 2nd: Timothy Milliken Dexter
  • Honorable Mention: Luke Horne, Ellsworth

Wt. Class 132: 

  • 1st team: Hayden Hanson, Foxcroft Academy
  • 2nd: Tristan Hicks, Washington Academy
  • Honorable Mention:  Molly Sipple, PCHS

Wt. Class 138: 

  • 1st team: Owen Harper, Mattanawcook
  • 2nd: Karson Tibbetts, PCHS
  • Honorable Mention: Grayson Mote, Ellsworth

Wt. Class 145: 

  • 1st team: Dominic Zeller, PCHS
  • 2nd: Logan Rowell, Ellsworth
  • Honorable Mention: Kyle Lund, Washington Academy

Wt. Class 152: 

  • 1st team: Alex Zeller, PCHS
  • 2nd: Sam Charles, Old Town
  • Honorable Mention: Ian Friend, Mattanawcook Academy

Wt. Class 160: 

  • 1st team:  Skylar Gibbs, Foxcroft Academy 
  • 2nd: Ridge Weatherbee, Ellsworth
  • Honorable Mention: Will Gray, Bucksport

Wt. Class 170: 

  • 1st team:  Gage Beaudry, Dexter
  • 2nd: Dominic Cookson, PCHS
  • Honorable Mention: Mykolai Petrov, Washington Academy

Wt. Class 182: 

  • 1st team: Isaac Hainer, Mattanawcook Academy
  • 2nd: Kayden Foster, Bucksport
  • Honorable Mention: Caleb Schobel, Dexter

Wt. Class 195

  • 1st team:  James Dube, Mattanawcook
  • 2nd: Luke McKenny, Ellsworth
  • Honorable Mention: Connor Fitch, Bucksport

Wt. Class 220: 

  • 1st team: Joe Bowen, Bucksport
  • 2nd: Casey McDonald, Ellsworth
  • Honorable Mention: Garrett Chase, Foxcroft Academy

Wt. Class 285: 

  • 1st team: Beau Talbot, PCHS
  • 2nd: Wyatt Weaver, Bucksport
  • Honorable Mention: Hayden Melvin, Washington Academy

Coach of the Year: Zach Wilson, PCHS
Wrestler of the Meet:  Molly Sipple, PCHS

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