Orono High School's Ruth White ended her high school cross country career with an exclamation point, finishing 6th in the Foot Locker Nationals, held in San Diego, California on Saturday, December 9th.

White finished with a time of 17.43.1

The top 6 times were

  1. Elizabeth Leachman  16:50.07
  2. Allie Zealand 17:04.5
  3. Rachel Forsyth 17:08.3
  4. Mary Bonner Dalton 17:28.1
  5. Addison Knoblauch 17:43.0
  6. Ruth White 17.43.1

Ruth has to be the odds on favorite for the Maine Gatorade Cross Country Athlete of Year. She will be attending Boise State University in the Fall of 2023

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