High school football has undergone a number of changes in recent years in the state of Maine in an effort to keep the sport alive. With dwindling numbers across the state, many schools have turned to the 8-player football ranks just to be able to field a competitive team.

Earlier this week it was announced that Bucksport High School, a football program with eight gold balls (and shared titles) and a Fitzpatrick Trophy in the trophy case, would leave the state-wide Class D and join the 8-player level.

As the shuffling continues, one proposal has put forth the idea of having Maine schools meet New Hampshire schools on the gridiron to alleviate scheduling issues.

As stated in Ernie Clark's Bangor Daily News article, "the proposal represents two months' of work spearheaded by a scheduling committee of athletic administrators representing each of the state's football conferences and included significant input from high school coaches - including rankings of teams within each division - to help develop tiered varsity schedules that match teams of similar strength as much as possible."

Clark's article goes on to say, "the proposal includes the possibility of teams in Maine's large-school Class A playing countable games against teams of similar size from New Hampshire to fill bye weeks in their regular-season schedules."

It's undoubtedly an interesting idea for a sport that needs continued creativity in this state. Is it time to bring interstate competition to Maine high school football?

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