Speedway 95 wrapped up it’s Varney GMC-Buick-Mazda Wacky Wednesday racing season on August 31 and point race winners were determined. They will be recognized at the annual banquet on November 19. None of the points champions drove only to protect their points lead, as each of the points leaders won the feature event for their division on this last night of racing.

Kaden Neptune of Mt Vernon took the lead in the Stars of Tomorrow feature from Darius Miranda of Orono on a lap 11 restart and held the lead to the checkers. Miranda finished second, stating in his post-race interview that he missed a shift on that restart that allowed Neptune to grab the lead. Austin Beal of Hampden brought the car he rolled over last week back and finished a strong third. Destiny Overlock of Hermon was fourth with Kaden Rose of Skowhegan rounding out the top five.

In the Cap’s Tavern Modified Enduros, Zach Audet powered his Acura to the lead on lap 5 and led the field to the finish of the 20 lap feature. Scott Bonney of Carmel, who led the first four laps finished second, with William McCullough of Kenduskeag finishing third in his first run of the season in the division.  David Cook of Kenduskeag and Andrew Crosby of Hermon finished fourth and fifth, in that order.

Derek Smith of Bangor raced from a 17th place starting spot to take the lead from Zach Horlieca of Hudson on lap 14 of the 20 lap Road Runner season-ender to pick up his fourth feature win of the season. Horlieca led the first 14 laps and remained in the second spot to the finish. Alvin McNevin of Clifton tried every way he could think of the get by Horlieca, but had to settle for a third place finish. Marcus Sapiel of Bradley came in fourth, with last week’s winner, Chris Holme of Bangor, coming from 19th at the start to finish fifth.

The Moody’s Collision Center Trucks were also on the schedule after wrapping up their points race last week. David Gray of Dixmont, who won the points battle last week continued his winning ways, leading all 20 laps of the event. Jeff Overlock Jr. of Hermon was second, with Jim Carr of Clifton coming out of retirement to drive a borrowed truck to a third place finish. Anthony Moore of Hermon made his first appearance of the season in the division and finished fourth.

The last event of the season was a stunt race called the Double O, where it takes a lap around the 1/3 mile regular track and a lap around the 1/5 mile Go-Kart track to make a complete lap. Kevin Seekins of Frankfort was the first driver to complete all 10 laps of the event. Second place went to James Goodman of Carmel. Robert Caruso of Kenduskeag finished third with Darius Miranda of Orono and Brandon McCann of Winterport rounding out the top five.

Speedway 95 continues it’s Saturday night racing on September 3 at 7:00 with the 50 lap Ikey Dorr qualifier for the Gray Earthworks Street Stocks headlining the night’s activities.



  1. 45 Kaden Neptune, Mount Vernon (2022 points champion)
  2. 04 Darius Miranda. Orono
  3. 39 Austin Beale, Hampden
  4. 14 Destiny Overlock, Hermon
  5. 29 Kaden Rose, Skowhegan


  1. 19 Zach Audet, Norridgewock (2022 points champion)
  2. 69 Scott Bonney, Carmel
  3. 72 William McCullough, Kenduskeag
  4. 41 Seth Woodard, Plymouth
  5. 88C David Cook, Kenduskeag


  1. 10 Derek Smith, Bangor (2022 points champion)
  2. 31 Zach Horlieca, Hudson
  3. 79 Alvin McNevin, Clifton
  4. 77 Marcus Sapiel, Bradley
  5. 18 Chris Holme, Bangor


  1. 4 David Gray, Dixmont (2022 points champion)
  2. 41 Jeff Overlock Jr. Hermon
  3. 14 Jim Carr, Clifton
  4. 60 Anthony Moore, Hermon


  1. 14N Kevin Seekins, Frankfort
  2. 4 James Goodman, Carmel
  3. 99 Robert Caruso, Kenduskeag
  4. 06 Darius Miranda, Orono
  5. 5. 04 Brandon McCann, Winterport
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